Blue Topaz & White Sapphire Bypass Ring


A heavenly aura seems to be emanating from this ring, mesmerizing all those who lay their eyes upon it. Dreamy Blue Topaz, delicately embraced by bands of sparkling White Sapphire and perfectly polished Sterling silver. You won't ever want to take your eyes off of this angelic treasure.

This beautiful ring is crafted of durable Sterling Silver, featuring genuine Blue Topaz and White Sapphire.

White Sapphire:

White Sapphire is the gemstone of Venus. This beautiful stone is excellent for bringing about harmony and joy in relationships and is also known to be helpful in the healing of abusive relationships and trauma. If you have frequent nightmares or trouble sleeping, consider sleeping with a White Sapphire nearby, this gemstone is known to aid in repelling nightmares and helping those around it to have a peaceful night's sleep.


From the Greek word "Tapazos" meaning "to seek” this beautiful gemstone is linked to the sun and Jupiter. Ancient cultures believed it was a stone of knowledge-seeking, so today it is known as a stone of awareness.
The ancient Romans believed Topaz would bring them strength on life’s daily adventures, protect them from enemies, and bring about reconciliation. They also believed that if they held this stone near poisoned food or drink, it would change colors to warn them of danger.

Stone Information:
  • STONE 1 TYPE: Blue Topaz
  • STONE 1 COLOR: Blue
  • STONE 1 CUSHION: Cushion
  • STONE 1 SIZE: 6.0mm
  • STONE 1 CLASS: Genuine
  • STONE 2 TYPE: White Sapphire
  • STONE 2 COLOR: White
  • STONE 2 SHAPE: Round
  • STONE 2 SIZE: 0.9-1.0mm
  • STONE 2 CLASS: Created
Metal Information:
  • METAL TYPE: Sterling Silver
  • METAL COLOR: White
  • METAL FINISH: Polished
  • RHODIUM: Yes