Imperial Topaz & White Zircon Flower Design Ring


This incredible piece is the definition of luxury. Dripping with class, this ring will be the center of attention no matter where you find yourself. Rich Golden tones paired with heavenly, sparkling White Zircon, all set upon a wide and impressive band. Graceful clover designs across the ring face house stunning amber-golden Imperial Topaz, further escalating the dazzle of this gorgeous piece.

This gorgeous ring is crafted of durable Sterling Silver, and is Gold plated, featuring genuine White Zircon and Imperial Topaz.

White Zircon:

There are many benefits of wearing White Zircon, such as attracting abundance and prosperity to its wearer. It is also known to aid in healing abdominal health issues, and problems related to the reproductive system. White Zircon is a popular gemstone to meditate upon.

Imperial Topaz:

Imperial Topaz is one of the most powerful manifestation stones you can get your hands on. It is known to have a direct link to one's solar plexus chakra, activating and enhancing one's personal will. When the driving force behind all we do is awoken and fully activated, anything becomes possible.


  • FINISH: Polished
  • METAL: Gold Plated Sterling Silver